Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A few thoughts...

As school has now started, I am finding my classes to be such a creative stimulus for the work I will soon be attempting to make. I've learned about so many great artists and they work they created because they were so passionate about what they were shooting. Today I had the chance to view a short clip about Elizabeth Opalenik (among many other great artists), and was completely inspired by her work! The depth she conveys in her portraits is truly admirable, but the unique attributes that can be associated with her images is what especially spoke to me. By watching her experiment with her work, I am now eager to approach my own with the same enthusiasm, but I want to step out of my dark room/photographic comfort zone and really experiment with my work. That is a goal of mine for the semester. A few other things I'd like to focus on would be to define who I am as an artist at this point in my life. I want my vision to develop as I create more and more experiences for myself, but for now, I'd like to find my starting point. I need to try something new, maybe hand colored photographs, new subject matter (definitely portraiture and people), new cameras, different films/processes, etc. We'll see how it turns out!

Here are a few photographs from Elizabeth Opalenik