Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's no time like the present?

Well, I finally started an Etsy Shop, and believe me, this was a big step! I always talk about how I want to just create art, accessories, restore furniture, etc and then sell it, but I've never actually started. This weekend I decided it was a good time to just try it out, so I did! Let's hope I can figure out how to do everything soon! If you want to stop by my shop it's at (I think :-))

Monday, February 8, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

This semester I am learning how to take better architectural photos to get ready for the big trip. I am finding that I really love imagery like Michael Eastman or Cole Thompson, and think that that may be the direction I want to go in with my photography. It's hard being surrounded by so many great photorgaphers, because I look at their work and what they take pictures of, and feel that I need to be doing the same thing. I am learning to accept that I am much more comfortable and pleased with the work that I do when it is just me wandering with my camera. Setting up 'shoots' and working with models and stressing over some vision I have to match a concept is not the piece of photography that makes me love it so much. It's being able to capture the essence of a place. To bring what I see to the viewer and hopefully share the experience I had while shooting it with the person looking at the final product. This is so much easier said then done, but I think acceptance is the first step. Now it's just pursuing that vision and incorporating it into me everyday work that will be the challenge. For now, however, I feel very satisfied with what I was able to capture at the capitol, and that is the most important thing, even though there are many improvements that need to be made! That's what practice is all about, right?