Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sans School Assignment

Being done with school has definitely had it's perks- no homework to do at night, free weekends, and no stress about getting assignments done and getting good grades (although my job has taken the place of school stress times about 10) Anyway, I decided that the things I have learned in my classes at schol are far too valuable to let go of. I think that even though I don't have a teacher assigning a task and giving a due, I should still be doing projects on my own. So here is a short list of projects I have assigned myself:

1. Take at least 1 roll of film of photos a week- and get them developed and processed, I don't need any more negatives sitting around that I don't do anything with.
2. Recently I purchased a few supplies to make more linocut prints- the problem I have is deciding what to actually print. So I decided that the next print I do has to come from something I find in my house- not including anything from the internet.

I'm going to start with these 2 and see where I get. Simple enough.


  1. Kels...could we go please plan a camping trip for this summer?