Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey Everyone,

As most of you know I work at an interior design company with great discount perks to a lot of places. A few of those stores include Pottery Barn, West, Elm, and Williams Sonoma. We have to spend a certain amount every year to maintain our great 20% discount, and we need to spend some more money and fast! If any of you want to take advantage of this discount (which includes regular AND sale items) let me know and I can get an order placed for you. We need to reach our quota before the end of September, so only a few weeks left!

This would be a great time to get some Christmas shopping done!

P.S. That picture is what my dream office would look like... furnished by Pottery Barn ;-)

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  1. Hey Kelsie,
    I think we will want to do this(we have a Christmas gift in mind) Let me know when we need to place the order and when we will need to pay you or it. Not sure how it all works.
    Thanks! Love all 3 of those stores!