Saturday, September 11, 2010

The convict story...revisited

Once upon a time my mom used to live in the very same house I do now. She grew up in this house and has shared a lot of stories from her childhood about it. Most of them are pretty spooky, which is why when we were in high school we'd love to bring our friends around and have her scare them by going on 'the tour'. Very dramatic, I know. Well, one such story is about the time an escaped convict hid on the property after running away from the prison (we had quite a bit of land with A LOT of prime hiding places: chinchilla buildings, barns, stables, groves of trees, you name it). Well on this occasion my mom had to leave the house for the evening, and as a precaution my grandpa told her that when she came back to wait in the car and honk the horn until he came out to walk her into the house. Well she said that she and her ride sat and honked for a while until they both got the most creepy feeling that they were being watched... It is at this point in the story that my mom leads a group of scared high school students to the log pile next to the driveway and scares us all half to death by making us believe someone is hiding back there ready to get us. Why do I share this story? Well I just received a call from my aunt who is also my next door neighbor informing me that there has been a man breaking into cars in the neighborhood adjacent to our property, and that he has just made a run for it through our fields! And yep, I'm at the house all by myself looking out all the windows for the reincarnated convict of my mom's past. In 5 minutes I have to make a break for my car so I can get to work on time- most definitely with my phone dialed for 911. Gotta love living on a creepy old farm, right?


  1. I would be totally creeped out! Maybe it's time to buy a gun. And a very, very large dog :)

  2. I totally remember that story.. we use to have so much fun out there!!! I didn't know you were back living there... that's fun!!! Don't get to spooked!