Sunday, September 26, 2010

Updates from the Little Guy

So I decided it was time to finally download the pictures from my small camera because it hasn't been done in forever, and thought I'd give a little post about what I found on there. Disclaimer: if you don't believe in eating chicken, don't read any further...

This is our cat Potato. We got him because we were having a little mouse problem in the house. This is the first mouse he's caught in about nine months. Todd was so proud. 

This was our garden when we planted it. We managed to kill everything but the mutant tomatoes

 Todd and my cousin Austin having a very fresh chicken dinner for my cousin Alex who was leaving on his mission. 

 Enjoying the chicken dinner

Next February a big group of our friends will be going on a cruise. My bestie, Ape, and I thought it would be a good idea to decorate our planning party to get everyone excited. I think we were the only ones that got excited about the decorations. Ha ha

Healthy homemade pancakes for Sunday breakfast, nothing better.  

It seems like every time we go to a movie we get a picture in front of this movie poster, or something similar. I still haven't seen this movie.

The 4th of July parade in West Jordan. 

Todd drinking a whole bottle of Pepsi from this giant bowl. 

This is how Potato sleeps every night- right on top of my head

Todd's first day of school picture!

Todd, Kelli, and I thought it would be fun to drive to Wellesville and go to the 'Highland Games' Scottish Festival being held there. It was rainy, and about 20 people came, but it was so much fun, and the kettle corn was delicious! Plus it was so much fun to get to hang out with Kelli!

We got to sit behind this cute man at the festival

Notice Todd's bag of popcorn is almost gone. So good. 

And last but not least! We got to go to the Utah game last night (my first one of the season) with Kelli and Kaylee. It was so much fun to hang out with them and watch the game.


  1. SO FUN! Looks like you have been up to lots of fun stuff. It makes me miss UT...One day we'll be back;-) I like these updates a lot cuz it lets me see what you're up to. Let's Skype soon!

  2. #1) Our decorations were the
    #2) Todd like popcorn and pepsi
    #3) Potato
    #4) Come visit

    That is all...