Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here's a Funny Story

So sometimes I like to drive down to Orem for work/school instead of taking the bus. I think the parking passes are ridiculously overpriced, so whenever I do drive to the school I generally always park in the paid visitor's lot located conveniently outside my office. Well today I forgot to ask my boss for a validation, and was therefore in a bit of a predicament when it came time to leave and realized I would actually have to pay to get out. I could either 1) Pay a whole $20 (plus another $2.50 for the atm fee to even get the cash) and leave at 5 pm when I finished my class, or 2) wait it out until the parking attendant goes home at 10:30 pm and try to get out of the lot when the bar is up. So what did I decide to do? Yep...wait. I was actually able to get a lot of homework done that I probably would have put off all weekend, so I guess it could be looked at as a good thing. I've been periodically taking sneaky looks out the doors to see if the gate has been up and it finally is, but I'm still nervous that the booth attendant is still in there and will try to make me pay if I leave, so I came back to my office and decided to kill a few minutes by writing this blog post. Wish me luck, and let's hope the last 5 hours have not been wasted in vain. I did listen to the Dave Ramsey show online and watched Serendipity, so it's been quite an enjoyable and educational evening. 

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  1. I did this two-three days a week basically the last year of school. It's one of UVU's best kept secrets. If you have to be on campus late, just park in the pay lot. Love you! You are too funny.