Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little of What I've Been Working On

Well, seeing as this is my last semester of school (yay!) I have been busy working an various projects for my classes. Here are a couple images from those projects. The first is for my senior project- I'm printing images from the film I shot in Europe- so far it's all been done in the darkroom- no computer, no photoshop. It's been an adjustment after working with photoshop so much to have to go back to the darkroom, but it has been great. Once I get the other images I've done scanned, I'll post them too. The second image is done with a process called cyanotype. I've been learning a lot about the old photo processes (before photoshop and photo paper you can go buy at the store :-)) I've loved this class this semester, and will also put the other images I've been working on up once I get them scanned.

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