Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Central Station

I had the incredible opportunity to visit New York City last week, and it was quite the adventure! Half of our group had to be sent to Seattle for a bit, and the other half of us got to see sunny California before heading into NYC. My bags arrived 3 days after I did, but overall it was wonderful! I learned so many things about myself, what inspires me, and what I want to be doing with my photography for the most part, which is.. guess what? Travel photography! I'm not sure I will ever work for a magazine or publication to get my stuff out there, but I love to visit a place and photograph what I feel is beautiful. We had the opportunity to visit the legendary Rodney Smith, and he shared some great advice... it's all about the experience. I decided then and there that whether or not I become some pro, I want the experiences I have while photographing to be what I take away, not the photograph. If a great image comes out of the experience, then I was able to transfer the emotion I felt at that time into my pictures, and that is the key to creating powerful imagery- the ability to translate the metaphysical experience one has with a place, person, or thing into visual words that everyone can feel for themselves.

These images are a few I quickly snapped at Grand Central Station. Enjoy!

Aren't these chandeliers beautiful! I'm a sucker for these kinds of details!

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  1. I love the chandeliers. Those are so cool. You will have so much fun this summer on your trip, getting great travel photos. Can't wait to see them... and more pics of NY. Isn't it the best city? I love it!