Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Bird Pond

Today was actually a really great day. I'm finding that my best days are when I get to go to Salt Lake with a camera and just explore. Today I had to get some paper from the Utrecht Store (always exciting) and I had my Grandpa's old Wirgin TRL camera and his Ansco Shur Shot with me, and I came accross this beautiful pond with all of these great birds! It was wonderful to just walk around and shoot. Afterward Todd and I went to Lunch at a great place call Vinto, which I would highly recommend. We've had a goal lately of whenever we go out to eat we want to go somewhere new, and I'm so glad we found this little Italian Pizzeria- it's definitely getting me excited to leave for Europe in about 29 days. Yay! So here's to good days and delicious pizza margarita!

The top picture was taken with the Ansco camera, and the second with the Wirgin

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