Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, I actually didn't take many pictures while in London, but Todd and I were able to see a lot of really amazing things. First we visited the Victoria & Albert Museum, along with Parliament, Westminster Abby (which generally they charge £15 to go inside, but we waited and went to a choral service they hold everyday and got to see the inside for free, along with experiencing an incredible service with the choir), London Tower, the Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, and many other things we can't remember right now.

On our last night there we were able to go see Les Miserables with my sister Megan who is doing a study abroad program in London. The show was amazing, and it was really great to spend part of our day with Megan. I was a little stressed during the show, however, because we had to catch a train to the airport immediately after the show, so needless to say we cut it pretty close, and were running through the streets afterward to get our luggage and everything onto the train, but at least we got to see the end of the show- barely! After that we spent a long night on the airport floor while waiting for our 6 am flight to Prague. We have been resting a lot since we made it to Prague, but are having a wonderful time here as well. It's a beautiful and unique city, and pictures of our time here will get posted soon! Enjoy the London pics!

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  1. Hey KELSIE! Its Gayle from high-school hahaha I have to say I love stalking your blog... You are very talented! I do a little photography too but mine are nothing compared to yours!! I'm insanely jealous of your guys awesome trip! I hope you guys are doing well and keep up the awesome work! :D