Thursday, January 14, 2010

It must be my lucky day

I just found another photographer who has some amazing work, and I just had to talk about it! I think I am much more prone to studying other works when I am trying to avoid doing my own. I know I talked about trying the 'no peeking at photos' while working on a project, but I just can't stop, there is so much to look at. And yes, they do very much influence the way my own projects are shaped and formed, but I hope that in time I can use that in a really positive way instead of a "I have no confidence in my own work and ideas, so I need to see what everyone else is doing to make myself feel better" type of way. Anyway..

I was just looking at the work of Jack Spencer, and although it must be done in digital and highly edited with textures, there are a lot of amazing things he has done. Take a look to see what I mean. The image I have posted is titled, "Pontalba, New Orleans" and I think it is so incredible!

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