Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Official!!!

Well we actually did it... we bought our plane tickets to Europe! Todd and I have been planning and saving like crazy to go to Europe, and we finally took the first step and bought our tickets! It took me all afternoon to finally work up the courage to buy them, but now that there's no turning back, I'm just so excited! Now the hard part starts- planning the trip for real! So far we know the places we're going to and about how long we'll be in each city. I'm a visual person, so here's a little map I made to show our trip, I know it looks like we're zig-zagging a lot, but it's because we're flying to Vienna & Milan to save on time and train fare. So here's the game plan...

We start in Edinburgh and will make our way down to London, spending about a week in total there. Then we're going to fly from London to Vienna, Vienna to Prague (which I heard is AMAZING!!), then from Prague we'll fly to Milan and make our way through all of the towns Todd served in. Then since Todd has never been to Florence we're going to stop there for a few days (with a possible side-trip to the Cinque Terre), then end in Rome. Wow, 4 and a half weeks just doesn't seem like enough time, but I can't wait. And if anyone has any travel tips or suggestions, please let me know, I love advice!! Yay for Europe and this amazing opportunity.

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