Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Official!!!

Well we actually did it... we bought our plane tickets to Europe! Todd and I have been planning and saving like crazy to go to Europe, and we finally took the first step and bought our tickets! It took me all afternoon to finally work up the courage to buy them, but now that there's no turning back, I'm just so excited! Now the hard part starts- planning the trip for real! So far we know the places we're going to and about how long we'll be in each city. I'm a visual person, so here's a little map I made to show our trip, I know it looks like we're zig-zagging a lot, but it's because we're flying to Vienna & Milan to save on time and train fare. So here's the game plan...

We start in Edinburgh and will make our way down to London, spending about a week in total there. Then we're going to fly from London to Vienna, Vienna to Prague (which I heard is AMAZING!!), then from Prague we'll fly to Milan and make our way through all of the towns Todd served in. Then since Todd has never been to Florence we're going to stop there for a few days (with a possible side-trip to the Cinque Terre), then end in Rome. Wow, 4 and a half weeks just doesn't seem like enough time, but I can't wait. And if anyone has any travel tips or suggestions, please let me know, I love advice!! Yay for Europe and this amazing opportunity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So many pretty things out there!

As I spend the last 15 minutes of my workday winding down and looking at various sites and blogs, I just came across Anna Marie Horner. I love her style and the beautiful colors she surrounds herself with. (I thought this blog needed a little color as well, don't you think?) Here are a few images from her site that I absolutely love! The top speaks straight to my heart because I am completely obsessed with taking close up pictures of leaves and trees, and the dead crab apples outside my window (As soon as I get them off my card I will post). The other two are just great because of the eclectic feel they have, and the beautiful natural lighting used. If only I had a red bed, it's so adorable!

Lighting Practice

Well, this weekend was my first experience with using studio lights. I definitely know I'm not a portrait person, but as one of my new goals is to practice portraiture and technique (which includes using artificial lighting) here is my first attempt. My family was gracious enough to let me practice on them, so here is what I was able to get. Todd you're next...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It must be my lucky day

I just found another photographer who has some amazing work, and I just had to talk about it! I think I am much more prone to studying other works when I am trying to avoid doing my own. I know I talked about trying the 'no peeking at photos' while working on a project, but I just can't stop, there is so much to look at. And yes, they do very much influence the way my own projects are shaped and formed, but I hope that in time I can use that in a really positive way instead of a "I have no confidence in my own work and ideas, so I need to see what everyone else is doing to make myself feel better" type of way. Anyway..

I was just looking at the work of Jack Spencer, and although it must be done in digital and highly edited with textures, there are a lot of amazing things he has done. Take a look to see what I mean. The image I have posted is titled, "Pontalba, New Orleans" and I think it is so incredible!

New found Photos

As I am still trying to solidify my idea for the big self portrait project, I came across a couple of wonderful artists, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison. The way they manipulate their negatives and share a message is incredible! I feel like I want the treatment of my images for this project to be somewhat similar to what they do in theirs. It's beautiful.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How do I picture myself?

I should have expected that the beginning of a new semester would bring with it a self portrait project. What is it about a self portrait that makes me even more unsure of myself? As a photographer, artist, and a person. I know what I like, dislike, and things I enjoys, but how can someone really sum up who they are in just one image? Maybe I should be looking at this project in a different way. Instead of one picture telling everything about me, use many photographs, each one saying just one thing about me. That could be a great series...

Going along with my first project case of creative blockage I was reading a blog by a photographer named Cole Thompson today. He has incredible work, and has even shared some great advice with me about not giving up and just to keep shooting to find my personal vision. Why is that so hard to define and portray? For anyone! Cole lives by the practice of not viewing other photographers work so as to not hinder or alter the way he sees something. Maybe that is something I should try, at least for this self portrait project. As a designer, I am always searching the internet for ideas and inspiration to incorporate into my own work, but as a photographer, maybe I should try to shoot first, compare second. After being given the assignment, my first instinct was to go online and see what other photographers have done for their self portraits, but in thinking about it now, I am not any of those people, and they are not me, so maybe I should start with a fresh perspective.

As I am turning a new leaf and trying to record my ideas and projects better, I also want to include one of my images in each post. So far, here is an image that in the very least says something about me, even though it's not of me- maybe that's where I should start.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I am sitting here trying to find some inspiration for a new blog design. I have a tendency to get very bored with my own designs, and have the constant need to make changes. Now that I think about it, that's pretty much how my life goes too. I love being able to have a change of scenery about every year or so. I love starting new jobs, moving to new places, and learning new things. I think the reason I want to be done with school so badly is because I've been here for so long! A new adventure is definitely needed, which in my case is a five week trip to Europe this summer! I am still too scared to buy the plane tickets, but have almost the whole thing planned, minus the little details like transportation and accommodations. But who needs to have any of that figured out when they're going to Europe anyway, right? On another note, I had the great opportunity today to help my friend, Kelli, photograph the images she will be using in her BFA project. The pictures above are a little sample of what were able to get.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Panel...

I have made it my goal to finish decorating my house. Todd and I have lived there since May, and so far the only room I have managed to add some color to is the main living area. The offices and bedroom remain bare and curtain-less, which is very sad to me. Over the break I made it my mission to at least find curtains for our room, but being the picky person I am, was left unsuccessful in my endeavors. I found the most beautiful designs from Anthropologie, but have a hard time spending $108 PER PANEL!! Therefore, I am left where I started and feeling less hopeful than ever. Should I make some or just buy some I don't love. Thus my predicament continues. If anyone knows of anywhere else that sells affordable curtains like the ones at Anthropologie, I will be so grateful for your help. Until then, the search continues...

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year!

Seeing as it is the new year and a typical time to determine new resolutions, I decided it was a good time to set a few of my own...
1. I struggled with staying motivated and positive about school last semester, so I've decided to try and really change my attitude about my classes and my work. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I want to lessen the stress and enjoy my time and projects spent in school.
2. Next, sewing!! My mom had the great insight to get me a new sewing machine for christmas and I intend to put it to VERY good use! Clothes, crafts, home decor, the works! Thanks mom!
3. Find a new book series to become obsessed with. The day before yesterday I started reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and have impressively finished both books, and am now eagerly awaiting the release of the third installment which doesn't come until August! Hence my need for a new series... Any suggestions are greatly welcomed!
4. Try to blog more, record all my art, photo, sewing, etc projects as well as all things inspiring! Which is a huge task in and of itself.

Well, those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but there will be many more to follow...

Happy New Year Everyone!